Elana Kripke, MD, Affiliate

Elana Kripke, MD, is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. She earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania and her medical degree at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. She completed her residency in Internal Medicine at the New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center in 1992 and has been Assistant Professor of Medicine in the department of Medicine at the Medical college of Pennsylvania (MCP) in Philadelphia from 1992 until June 2000. At MCP, in addition to her busy clinical practice, Dr. Kripke established and chaired a nationally recognized domestic violence task force. She developed domestic violence curriculums for both the medical school and residency programs.

“I have always felt strongly that all people deserve a friendly and concerned ear. In my practice each patient’s emotional and physical well being is evaluated in a scientific, yet holistic and supportive way.”

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