Moriah Cohen, MSW, LCSW

Moriah Cohen, MSW, LCSW, is dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming space for mothers and family members to start to heal from what can be an extremely and surprisingly challenging experience. Moriah received her Master of Social Work from New York University, and her clinical experience has been focused on working with survivors of trauma, providing individual and group therapy. Her experience has also focused on training medical professionals, law enforcement, and social services providers about trauma and providing trauma-informed care. Moriah is committed to helping her clients feel heard, seen, supported, and cared for.

16Motherhood can be so isolating and challenging; the fact that this is so different from the messages we receive about how it is “supposed” to be can intensify the pain. It takes tremendous courage and strength to reach out and say, “I’m hurting,” or, “This is hard,” or, “I need help.” No one can do this alone and you don’t have to. Connection, especially in the darkest, hardest moments, can be the key to the beginning of healing.
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