Support Groups

Call The Postpartum Stress Center for information  610.525.7527

New Moms’ Support Group 

A safe, supportive atmosphere in which moms work together to adjust to the “new normal” that arrives alongside motherhood. Babies welcome! Open to the public.
Facilitated by Hilary Waller 610.525.7527 x8

No-Longer-New Moms’ Group

This group is designed for moms who feel past the initial impact of the postpartum phase and seek a warm, inviting place to share the stressors of life specific to dealing with an older baby or toddler.
Facilitated by Hilary Waller  610.525.7527 x8

Life After Baby – For Dads

Facilitated by Noah Suzuki Email for details:

The M.E.S.H.™ Program (Mothers Engaged to Stay Healthy)

The MESH™ Program is an 8-week educational and support program developed by The Postpartum Stress Center, LLC to focus on topics that are of greatest concern to all new and expectant moms. MESH provides a safe structure to explore concerns, get timely and accurate information, and connect with other mothers. Some of the topics include: Sleeping issues, yours and baby’s; Reclaiming your lost self; Taking an emotional inventory; Healthy Communication 101: focusing on issues related to marriage, sex and intimacy.

The MESH™ Program has been developed in response to evidence-based research designating social support as a key factor in prevention, recovery, and staying well. This is a structured program which provides information and promotes skill-building through support, education and connection with others.

Womens Therapy Group

This group is designed for women who want to explore the transition to motherhood and other life issues at a deeper level, i.e., self-esteem, parenting, intimacy, relationships, feelings of depression and anxiety. In a safe and supportive environment women learn and share strategies for enhancing their sense of well-being and problem-solving abilities in a therapeutic setting.

Pregnancy after PPD Support Group

This group is designed to accommodate the concerns of women who are contemplating pregnancy after experiencing postpartum depression. Issues include but are not limited to: medication decisions, gaining needed support from health care providers, family and friends, and strategies for coping with feelings of depression and anxiety

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