Support Groups

Call The Postpartum Stress Center for information  610.525.7527

New Moms’ Support Group 

A safe, supportive atmosphere in which moms work together to adjust to the “new normal” that arrives alongside motherhood. Babies welcome! Open to the public.
Facilitated by Hilary Waller 610.525.7527 x8

No-Longer-New Moms’ Group

This group is designed for moms who feel past the initial impact of the postpartum phase and seek a warm, inviting place to share the stressors of life specific to dealing with an older baby or toddler.
Facilitated by Hilary Waller  610.525.7527 x8

Life After Baby – For Dads

Facilitated by Noah Suzuki Email for details:

Pregnancy after PPD Support Group

This group is designed to accommodate the concerns of women who are contemplating pregnancy after experiencing postpartum depression. Issues include but are not limited to: medication decisions, gaining needed support from health care providers, family and friends, and strategies for coping with feelings of depression and anxiety

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