Mistaken Identity: An unconventional memoir of sorts An unconventional memoir of sorts
By: Karen Kleiman

This is a story of a man who enters a therapeutic relationship for reasons of which he is not sure. All his life, he had chosen not to grandstand his extraordinary dilemma. Rather, he proceeded in isolation, privately designing a way to endure his almost incomprehensible set of circumstances. He struggled alone, researching, networking, looking for answers, explanations, friends, looking for someone to listen, to believe him. When he finally begins therapy for the first time in forty-one years, he initiates the opportunity for his life to take final shape. Together, they learn what it means to listen and to really hear what someone is saying. They learn how it feels to be a man and a woman in a world that isn’t always sure what that means. They learn what it means to be tolerated by a society that makes every day living an unimaginable chore. It is a story, ultimately, of acceptance and forgiveness.

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