Moods in Motion
By: Karen Kleiman, Illustrated by Lisa Powell Braun

Moods in Motion is a unique coloring book which addresses the specific areas
of distress facing new mothers. Each illustration depicts a symptom followed
by an adjoining illustration along with descriptions of recommendations for
healing. We are learning more about the benefits of art therapy techniques to
distract an anxious mind. Unfortunately, negative, unwanted thoughts are a
common phenomenon causing much stress to postpartum women. Moods in
Motion provides a restorative tool so moms can gain control over how they are
feeling and enjoy a creative outlet at the same time. In this way, Moods in
Motion is more than a coloring book which will ease stress. It is an illustrated
guide toward recovery which enables any postpartum woman to actively participate
in her healing.

As you color your way through the symptom and healing pages, you will envision
and internalize suggestions that bring you closer to feeling like yourself

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