Token #1 Token of Esteem

Today’s Token is Esteem (self & relationship). See how you do. Token of Esteem Inventory Low self-esteem is associated with isolation. Put another way, the better you feel about yourself, the more likely you are to engage in meaningful relationships. This inventory will help you identify feelings and behaviors that may contribute to your self […]

Reclaim Your Marriage with Tokens of Affection

  If you have not yet decided, please join us at the PSI conference in June in North Carolina. Here are details of the conference. I will be speaking about how postpartum depression impacts a marriage and how couples can renew their connection after the fallout. Based on the concepts of my newest book, Tokens […]

“Postpartum Stress Syndrome?”

The most common postpartum emotional reaction is what we call “postpartum stress syndrome” (Kleiman & Raskin, This Isn’t What I Expected), also known as adjustment disorder, which falls between the relatively mild baby blues and the relatively severe postpartum depression.  Although common, these women may get lost in the shuffle when describing postpartum adjustment reactions, […]

Have You Recovered From PPD? Keep an eye on your marriage

  KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR MARRIAGE:   Warning signs that communication could be breaking down:  I struggle to think of things to say to my partner. I am rarely interested in what my partner has to say. Every time we talk, we fight. I try not to criticize but I feel so negative much […]

This Isn’t What I Expected: Prologue

Prologue by Karen Kleiman and Valerie Davis Raskin   When we wrote the first comprehensive guide for postpartum depression, This Isn’t What I Expected, almost two decades ago, we surely hoped that things would be different by now: mothers wouldn’t feel so much pressure to be perfect, the link between hormones and postpartum depression would be well […]

Shameless Self-Promotion: More to follow

NEW BOOK.  Won’t be out for while (end of year?) Title: Tokens of Affection: Reclaiming your marriage after postpartum depression. Written by Karen Kleiman (with Amy Wenzel) Routledge, 2013? (cross your fingers) Finally done! yay! Waiting for the cover, the copy editing, and all the other tediousnesses of publishing (right, that’s not a word) Here’s […]

Interview on “The Postpartum Husband”

This Thursday, May 16, at 1pm EST, I will be interviewed by Steve Walfish, PhD from The Practice Institute. We will be discussing “The Postpartum Husband”. Come join the interactive discussion, or just listen in! To register, go to, click on the calendar date (May 16, Thursday) on the right side of the page. […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Postpartum Depression?: I’m still not sure

  CBT and PPD. I used to think it was an oxymoron. Cognitive behavioral therapy is hard work. Definitely worth it, but hard work, nonetheless. Simply put, CBT is based on the notion that our feelings and behaviors are a consequence of the thoughts we are having. Regarding depression, if we reframe our negative thoughts, […]

Just Feed Your Baby

In response to a piece posted on Delancey’s Place: In the interest of balancing the scales, let me be clear – my intention is NOT to fire up a debate or rekindle any preexisting controversy. Nor do I want to agitate well-meaning, informed readers that I will undoubtedly offend. I did, however, find this piece […]

Receive Credits for Reading PPD Books!

Dropping the Baby and Other Scary Thoughts This 7 hour course is usually priced at $27.93. Until April 15th, it will only cost $19.99. (Just enter the code baby at checkout.) Dropping the Baby and Other Scary Thoughts provides essential information for both the client and the treating therapist when dealing with postpartum distress. This […]

Recent posts on Psychology Today: Are PPD Books Obsolete? Quieting Unwanted Thoughts: What works, what doesn’t work Finding Joy No One Talks About Scary Thoughts After Childbirth

New PPD Book Available Soon!

Shameless self-promotion alert! 😉 Therapy and the Postpartum Women: Notes on Healing Postpartum Depression for Clinicians and the Women Who Seek Their Help (Routledge) will be available in September 2008 (or for pre-order now either through Routledge or Amazon.) It will be a valuable resource for clinicians specializing in the treatment of PPD and as […]

Important PPD Book Due Out in May

Susan Dowd Stone, MSW, president of Postpartum Support International and Alexis Menken, Ph.d., have teamed up to edit a fabulous new book due out this May, published by Springer titled, Perinatal and Postpartum Mood Disorders: Perspectives and Treatment Guide for the Health Care Practitioner. For a look at the contents, you can see Springer’s preview […]

Mom, Dad and the Blues

As presented on Good Morning American and, click here to view the video presentation of John Gottman’s “Bringing Baby Home” workshop. Here’s a link to his new book, “And Baby Makes Three”, which sounds wonderful but I haven’t read it yet, though I’ve been a fan of his for many years. All of this […]

New PPD Book

Sue McRoberts has written a thoughtful and soothing book about her experience with postpartum depression. She writes with strong Christian perspective but masterfully touches on topics that will apply to each and every woman struggling with PPD. Her journey through postpartum depression and the prayer that sustained her is told with heartfelt compassion and a […]

New Book

Diana Lynn Barnes, psychologist and expert in the treatment of postpartum depression has written a new book titled, The Journey to Parenthood: Myths, Reality and What Really Matters. For more information on Diana and all the wonderful work she does, you can check out her website The Center for Postpartum Health. Congrats Diana!! 🙂

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