More on Dads and Depression

The March issue of Indy’s Child focuses on dads and depression during those first critical months after a new baby comes home. Click here to read the article.

Blog for Partners

There is an awesome new blog for partners of depressed spouses. It’s called Married-to-Depression and it’s run by a therapist who has successfully navigated this difficult journey with her husband. I encourage all to check it out for support and some excellent, practical suggestions. Here’s her subtitle: “Loving someone suffering from depression.Learning to love effectively […]

Dads and Depression

Here’s an article from Indy’s Child Parenting Magazine (March 2008) titled, “Can Dads Get Postpartum Depression?” written by Emily Bees. pic: CBS/istock

New Website for Postpartum Men

Dr. Will Courtenay in California has recently launched his new website in support of fathers who may be experiencing depressive symptoms following the birth of their baby. Check out for additional information on this subject.

Mom, Dad and the Blues

As presented on Good Morning American and, click here to view the video presentation of John Gottman’s “Bringing Baby Home” workshop. Here’s a link to his new book, “And Baby Makes Three”, which sounds wonderful but I haven’t read it yet, though I’ve been a fan of his for many years. All of this […]

Dads Depressed?

The PPSC has a new page for dads who are worried about the way they are feeling. Please refer to this page if you are a new father and are concerned that you might be depressed or if you are a clinician who is working with a family who could use this resource as a […]

More on Dads and Postpartum Depression

In the February 2007 issue of PSYCHIATRY journal the cover story is: SAD DADS: Paternal Postpartum Depression. In a comprehensive and impressive article, citing the relevance of screening and treating depression in fathers, a couple of new points are raised: 1) Up until now, paternal PPD had been assessed by using measures developed for maternal […]

Hypnosis and PPD

Good news for Joe! As reported in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis (Jan 2007 ;49(3):219-23) hypnosis for depressive disorders is being recognized as an effective intervention strategy. This article is a single case report of the successful treatment of postpartum depression by hypnosis. This is something we have known at the PPSC for a […]

Postpartum Mood Survey

To all interested clinicians, healthcare providers who treat women with PPD and of course, all women and men (!) who have had a baby in the last year: I am privileged to be involved in research with the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine where are developing a new screening […]

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