Screening Protocol

As a follow-up to our post on postpartum depression and bipolar illness we are urging all clinicians to incorporate a screen for both symptoms of bipolar illness and psychosis when assessing all postpartum women.  At the PPSC, we use the Mood Disorder Questionnaire (MDQ) (don’t forget to cite the authors if you opt to copy it.) […]

PPD and Bipolar?

It has come to our attention that a number of women are confused about the potential relationship between postpartum depression and bipolar illness. My recent psychology today post sheds some light on this and hopefully, will help clarify some issues. As always, always let your treating physician know what your concerns are. Clinician Note: If […]

Baby Blues?

New post on Psychology Today Baby Blues or Something More?  

Military Wives at Increased Risk for PPD

As a country, we are very supportive of our men and women serving in the armed forces. An important, but sometimes overlooked way to show support is by remembering that deployment takes a great toll on the families at home. A new study in The Journal of Reproductive Medicine reveals that this stress leads to […]

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