Finding a Therapist to Help

Are you trying to find a perinatal therapist? • A personal recommendation from someone you trust is one of the best places to start. • The following organizations have searchable lists of therapists in the U.S. and outside the U.S. who are trained as postpartum specialists. The Postpartum Stress Center Postpartum Support International Postpartum Progress […]

Resources for Healthcare Providers Treating Intrusive Thoughts

  1. Book for new mothers and their treating healthcare providers Dropping the Baby and Other Scary Thoughts: Breaking the Cycle of Unwanted Thoughts in Motherhood 2. Information on scary thoughts and our #speakthesecret campaign What if I’m having scary thoughts? 3. Article by Jon Abramowitz, MD, expert on perinatal OCD Beyond the Blues: Postpartum […]

Find Your Holiday Brave

Pic credit: The PPSC magic bracelet. You know who you are. Wear it. Believe in it. The Holiday crunch is here. Shopping. Eating. Rushing. Spending. Talking. Family. Friends. Gathering. Too much? Not enough? Too crowded? Too lonely? Excited about it? Anxious about it? Dreading it? Overwhelmed by it? Ambivalent about it? If you have a […]

Scary Thoughts: #speakthesecret

  The Secrets Women Keep This thread is amazing. Needs to be turned into a list and handed out to expecting moms by every ob/gyn. They tell women everything under the sun about what to expect for 9 months; why not this?! I think it’s wonderful you’re making this list for new moms. It would […]

Announcing the Expansion of our Advanced Clinical Training Program!

We are excited to announce modifications to the PPSC training program for clincians who specialize in the treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Effective 2017, our premier 10hr training program will be 12 hours, adding two (2) hours of advanced clinical practice, focusing on Karen Kleiman’s Holding techniques. We have incorporated additional time for intensive clinical study […]

New Jersey Location Retires

After much consideration, we made the decision to retire the New Jersey location of The Postpartum Stress Center. In 2009, The Postpartum Stress & Family Wellness Center (NJ), LLC. was opened as an adjunct to The Postpartum Stress Center, LLC (Founded in 1988). For almost most seven years we have served the South Jersey area […]

Welcome Claire!

I am so thrilled to welcome Claire Petrillo as a senior writer for our PPSC Blog. I’ve known Claire a long time and she has always had her finger on the pulse of current issues that impact new moms and has expressed herself with both clarity and fire. She speaks her mind. And she often […]

Ways to Find Your Holiday Brave…

The Holiday crunch is looming. Shopping. Eating. Rushing. Family. Friends. Too much? Not enough? Excited about it? Anxious about it? Dreading it? Overwhelmed by it? Ambivalent about it? If you have a history of depression or are currently depressed, the weeks before and during the holidays can descend with crushing anxiety. It is easy to […]

Mashed Disaster

I love to cook. I have been told, and I believe it to be true, that I am a very good cook. In fact, it’s one of my favorite things to do when I’m not doing everything else. It distracts my brain and it makes me feel like an awesome wife because my husband always […]

The Postpartum Stress Center: Our Core Values

PPSC Core Values Provide excellent clinical service at all times. Study and execute current best practice recommendations. Return all phone calls before the sun sets. Schedule client as soon as possible. Educate healthcare providers with state-of-the-art information. Follow up with healthcare providers to ensure continuity of services. Act as liaison and client-advocate when there is […]

Did you see our new website?

 We are very excited about it. It’s packed with information for providers and for postpartum women and their families. Check us out at Thank you Kate (and Greg!) for all your dedication and hard work. It was worth it.

Fabulous training weekend

Fabulous training weekend with incredibly warm, passionate hard-working clinicians. I absolutely love being a part of this process at the early stages of their professional expansion and inspiration! Thanks to Amy, Kayla, Aimee, Romy, Patrice, Glenn, Michelle, Rachel and Rebecca! The PPD community is fortunate to have you in their corner.

Training Weekend

Another super weekend training. Thank you Rachel, Cindy, Sarah, Michelle, Deena, Melina, Amy, Lindsey, Gerry. Your participation was especially inspiring and fun. 😉

PPSC Updates

Updates on Fb page, check us out there. Excellent evidence-based comprehensive info on PPD Webcast Perinatal mood disorders

Clinician Note:

PPSC news update: Interesting post by MGH Blog on the difficult decision to make regarding antidepressant medication during pregnancy.Fathers and PPD? Relating depression to negative parenting behaviors in the journal of Pediatrics. New study shows a relationship between seasons and depression but not when it comes to suicidality.“Preventing PPD” New article with good information.


New Psychology Today post: 10 Things to Avoid if You’ve Just Had a Baby The PPSC will be answering questions at next week. All week Christian Rivel will be available to address your concerns. Post your questions to Christian so you can get accurate information about topics that may be worrying you. Our spring […]

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