Token #3 Token of Compromise

Token of Compromise Inventory Read each statement and check the ones you feel are true for you. Put a circle around the boxes which reflect those you need to work on. When disagreeing, I am comfortable letting others be right. In instances when I truly believe I am right, I can still see my partner’s […]

Journalists, Doctors, Everyone: Let’s Get it Right

Let’s get it right. Lives depend on it. There are, to be sure, tons of complex theories and contradicting explanations when it comes to mental illness and diagnoses. Discussing maternal mental health is no exception. Definitions are blurry, research is not always consistent with what we see in clinical practice, experts challenge existing classifications, and […]

“Postpartum Stress Syndrome?”

The most common postpartum emotional reaction is what we call “postpartum stress syndrome” (Kleiman & Raskin, This Isn’t What I Expected), also known as adjustment disorder, which falls between the relatively mild baby blues and the relatively severe postpartum depression.  Although common, these women may get lost in the shuffle when describing postpartum adjustment reactions, […]

Have You Recovered From PPD? Keep an eye on your marriage

  KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR MARRIAGE:   Warning signs that communication could be breaking down:  I struggle to think of things to say to my partner. I am rarely interested in what my partner has to say. Every time we talk, we fight. I try not to criticize but I feel so negative much […]

Be Your Own Best Advocate

Doctors do not agree on a definition of postpartum depression. Some are misinformed. Some may miss the symptoms. If doctors really understood that postpartum emotional illnesses are the most common complication of childbirth, would they continue to dismiss the symptoms? Family members may or may not understand the seriousness of postpartum depression. Some are naïve […]

Talk About Your Postpartum Depression

We hear a lot about postpartum depression these days. What it is, what it isn’t. Not everyone agrees on the definitions, even healthcare providers demonstrate variable degrees of knowledge in this specialized field. If you are pregnant or if you recently have had a baby, and are not feeling well, try not to focus on […]

Are There Still Gaps in Screening?

Published on October 29, 2013 by Karen Kleiman, MSW, LCSW in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY This Isn’t What I Expected In healthcare or clinical settings where women are presumably in the care of providers who are well-equipped to provide relief, women who harbor scary thoughts remain reluctant to reveal what they are thinking.  When women are asked specifically if they […]

Talk About Postpartum Depression and Psychosis #ForMiriam

Every time a young mother and/or her child(ren) dies tragically, we rally to raise awareness. The media scrambles for experts who sometimes purport accurate explanations and sometimes they perpetuate misinformation. This is an occupational hazard that goes with the territory. No one would argue that raising awareness is exactly what we should be doing. Our […]

10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Suffer in Silence

Every time there is media attention to postpartum psychosis, I am approached by journalists with the same question: Does this attention help get the word out, or does it make it worse for postpartum women? It does both. Recently, there seems to be better, more responsible, well-researched attention placed on postpartum tragedies, in particular, naming […]

The Indescribable Pain – Trigger alert

I thought some of you might relate to this poem. It was written years ago by the sister of an old friend of mine, a prolific poet.  Valerie and I originally found the poem, titled “Postpartum” when we first published “This Isn’t What I Expected” and used an excerpt from it as one of our […]

Why You Must TALK BACK to Your Doctor!

Women have a special relationship with their Obstetricians. The reason may be apparent to many, but once you can talk to someone about your vagina, not to mention, surrender to the medical necessity of invasive inspection, and expose your most vulnerable body parts to essential scrutiny, it often lends itself to, shall we say, an […]

Moms and Children Are Still Dying: It’s time for everyone to get involved

I just hung up the phone with Randy Turner, reporter for the Winnipeg Free Press. Last week he wrote this piece, on the disappearance of 32-year old Lisa Gibson and the death of her two children, 2 year old Anna and 3 month old Nicholas.  On Friday, the news turned even more tragic when they […]

Release Your Power: With integrity, not bravado

Are you a Porsche? Sometimes we forget how much power we have. Other times, we only think we know, yielding to the urge to prove it to others or boast about it. Inflated egos are not accurate reflections of inner power. When we speak of inner power, we refer to a deeply personal understanding of who […]

A Postpartum Woman in Crisis: Don’t Call it Therapy.

  Let’s take a look at what we are really doing when we treat a postpartum woman in therapy.  Most therapists who are interested in pursuing private practice work have been trained with a clinical emphasis during their academic preparation. We were exposed to the conceptual psychodynamic framework and time-honored therapeutic traditions that have proven to make […]

How do You Trust Someone You Cannot Trust?

While researching my current book and listening to the stories of my clients who try so hard to get back on track after serious betrayal or breach of trust, I find myself searching for answers that can both soothe the aching heart and protect them from further pangs of disloyalty. At the risk of oversimplifying […]

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