What Makes Our Premier Training So Unique?



The Art of Holding Perinatal Women in Distress: Assessment, Treatment, and Advanced Clinical Practice is a 12-hr post-graduate training class exclusively designed to provide an optimal environment for personal and practical learning. We do our best to keep the classes small (10-15 clinicians max) in order to maximize individual attention and offer a hands-on experience. Although theory and academic review are a vital part of the educational focus, significant attention is placed on deepening your understanding of the influences and dynamics that impact perinatal women, understanding and applying your own experiences or perceptions of motherhood and how best you can utilize yourself in the perinatal recovery process.

The content of this course is based on The Holding Approach for perinatal distress, developed by Karen Kleiman, which creates a unique framework for perinatal treament. Our trainings provide a novel and individualized approach to conceptualizing and treating the specialized needs of perinatal women and the nuances inherent in this work. Our belief that perinatal women require an active, involved therapist has led us to develop training methods that go beyond passive study or more traditional instruction styles. Instead, a significant component of our hands-on training involves modeling the relational, philosophical style we believe essential to a positive therapeutic outcome: Therapy will be more successful if the therapist takes on a proactive role as the expert who is equally supportive, well-informed and skilled in the Holding Approach.

The small group format*provides the opportunity for participants to interact closely and explore the challenges of working with perinatal women on both a personal and professional level. This setting is rich with intimate energy enabling participants to tap into their own areas of strength and vulnerability they bring to this work. Intensive study and introspection on this level creates a deeper understanding toward the development of core expert skills. Experiential learning allows each clinician to reflect on the art of Holding from the clinician’s point of view and the client’s.

We include both seasoned and therapists who are new in this field who are passionate about  this work. It is ideal for participants to have attended preliminary PPD trainings prior to this one.

The PPSC team is committed to making the training experience intimate and meaningful so it can inspire clinicians to carry out this essential work on behalf of women struggling with perinatal depression and anxiety.

We truly believe your participation in this training will transform your work with perinatal women.


*For the above reasons, we have declined any offers to provide this training in large settings or online. We realize this may make attending the training difficult for many clinicians, but we are hopeful those who are highly motivated will find a way to make it work or contact us to see what arrangements can be made. We sincerely regret this inconvenience but believe it will be worth it for those who can make it happen.


“In the context of treating perinatal women, wisdom is the balance between the knowledge we have and who we are.” – Karen Kleiman

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