Tragedy and Joy: A Most Painful Oxymoron

After the recent horrific events in Newtown, Connecticut, I was not surprised to find client after client expressing overwhelming sadness. Suddenly, the trauma that impacted previously unknown families cascaded across state lines right into the homes and hearts of every parent on the planet. Gut-wrenching anxiety soared. What if it happens here?                 How can […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Postpartum Depression?: I’m still not sure

  CBT and PPD. I used to think it was an oxymoron. Cognitive behavioral therapy is hard work. Definitely worth it, but hard work, nonetheless. Simply put, CBT is based on the notion that our feelings and behaviors are a consequence of the thoughts we are having. Regarding depression, if we reframe our negative thoughts, […]

Benzos and Breastfeeding

Good news reported by MGH blog regarding the use of benzodiazepines during breastfeeding.  Research is supporting the use of benzos (ativan, xanax, klonopin) during lactation with a low risk for side effects.  They emphasize that infants should be monitored and that sedation may occur but that the overall risk is low.  This is important information […]

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