A Little Kindness Does Go a Long Way

Published in PsychologyToday.com on September 29, 2014 by Karen Kleiman, MSW, LCSW in This Isn’t What I Expected It’s not always easy to be nice when we think we are right and our partner is wrong. When feelings are hurt or needs are not met in a relationship, people tend to express themselves more impulsively, […]

Reclaim Your Marriage with Tokens of Affection

  If you have not yet decided, please join us at the PSI conference in June in North Carolina. Here are details of the conference. I will be speaking about how postpartum depression impacts a marriage and how couples can renew their connection after the fallout. Based on the concepts of my newest book, Tokens […]

Have You Recovered From PPD? Keep an eye on your marriage

  KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR MARRIAGE:   Warning signs that communication could be breaking down:  I struggle to think of things to say to my partner. I am rarely interested in what my partner has to say. Every time we talk, we fight. I try not to criticize but I feel so negative much […]

Shameless Self-Promotion: More to follow

NEW BOOK.  Won’t be out for while (end of year?) Title: Tokens of Affection: Reclaiming your marriage after postpartum depression. Written by Karen Kleiman (with Amy Wenzel) Routledge, 2013? (cross your fingers) Finally done! yay! Waiting for the cover, the copy editing, and all the other tediousnesses of publishing (right, that’s not a word) Here’s […]

Release Your Power: With integrity, not bravado

Are you a Porsche? Sometimes we forget how much power we have. Other times, we only think we know, yielding to the urge to prove it to others or boast about it. Inflated egos are not accurate reflections of inner power. When we speak of inner power, we refer to a deeply personal understanding of who […]

5 tips to help postpartum couples express themselves

  You’re both tired. You are both distracted. If you’re not careful, your marriage will quickly take second place to all of the pressing demands of the day. Keep an eye on each other and the relationship. It is one of your greatest resources. Here are some simple reminders to help you keep the priority […]

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