A Little Kindness Does Go a Long Way

Published in PsychologyToday.com on September 29, 2014 by Karen Kleiman, MSW, LCSW in This Isn’t What I Expected It’s not always easy to be nice when we think we are right and our partner is wrong. When feelings are hurt or needs are not met in a relationship, people tend to express themselves more impulsively, […]

Honoring Ilyene Barsky, MSW

RE-POST: Those of us who attended this past weekend’s PSI conference were fortunate enough to listen to the lovely and brilliant Diana Lynn Barnes, PsyD, MFT, speak eloquently about her beloved friend and long time colleague, Ilyene Barsky. Ilyene shares the small podium of pioneering women who started getting the word out on postpartum depression […]

Have You Recovered From PPD? Keep an eye on your marriage

  KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR MARRIAGE:   Warning signs that communication could be breaking down:  I struggle to think of things to say to my partner. I am rarely interested in what my partner has to say. Every time we talk, we fight. I try not to criticize but I feel so negative much […]

10 Tips To Avoid Online Controversy

When you feel a strong emotional response to an offensive post or comment, keep these thoughts in mind: Take care of yourself by disengaging. Try to ignore the rants of others. Do not take any mean-spirited comment personally. Some people just like to agitate things. Think twice before responding. Then, think again. Then, wait. Do […]

Be Your Own Best Advocate

Doctors do not agree on a definition of postpartum depression. Some are misinformed. Some may miss the symptoms. If doctors really understood that postpartum emotional illnesses are the most common complication of childbirth, would they continue to dismiss the symptoms? Family members may or may not understand the seriousness of postpartum depression. Some are naïve […]

Talk About Your Postpartum Depression

We hear a lot about postpartum depression these days. What it is, what it isn’t. Not everyone agrees on the definitions, even healthcare providers demonstrate variable degrees of knowledge in this specialized field. If you are pregnant or if you recently have had a baby, and are not feeling well, try not to focus on […]

Are There Still Gaps in Screening?

Published on October 29, 2013 by Karen Kleiman, MSW, LCSW in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY This Isn’t What I Expected In healthcare or clinical settings where women are presumably in the care of providers who are well-equipped to provide relief, women who harbor scary thoughts remain reluctant to reveal what they are thinking.  When women are asked specifically if they […]

This Isn’t What I Expected: Prologue

Prologue by Karen Kleiman and Valerie Davis Raskin   When we wrote the first comprehensive guide for postpartum depression, This Isn’t What I Expected, almost two decades ago, we surely hoped that things would be different by now: mothers wouldn’t feel so much pressure to be perfect, the link between hormones and postpartum depression would be well […]

Support for Dad

  Why YOU need support, too • PPD affects the whole family. • Living with her depression will take its toll on you. • Chances are good that her depression will deplete you of your resources. You’ll be on overload for a while — increase in childcare duties, increase in household duties, decrease in sleep, […]

10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Suffer in Silence

Every time there is media attention to postpartum psychosis, I am approached by journalists with the same question: Does this attention help get the word out, or does it make it worse for postpartum women? It does both. Recently, there seems to be better, more responsible, well-researched attention placed on postpartum tragedies, in particular, naming […]

Shameless Self-Promotion: More to follow

NEW BOOK.  Won’t be out for while (end of year?) Title: Tokens of Affection: Reclaiming your marriage after postpartum depression. Written by Karen Kleiman (with Amy Wenzel) Routledge, 2013? (cross your fingers) Finally done! yay! Waiting for the cover, the copy editing, and all the other tediousnesses of publishing (right, that’s not a word) Here’s […]

A Postpartum Woman in Crisis: Don’t Call it Therapy.

  Let’s take a look at what we are really doing when we treat a postpartum woman in therapy.  Most therapists who are interested in pursuing private practice work have been trained with a clinical emphasis during their academic preparation. We were exposed to the conceptual psychodynamic framework and time-honored therapeutic traditions that have proven to make […]

Postpartum Women in Therapy: Are you up to the task?

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a mother. When I was a young girl, my favorite pastime was playing house and of course I was the perfect mother. I held my sweet doll tightly to my chest and promised her a lifetime of whatever she wanted.  I leaned against the giant Oak […]

Interview on “The Postpartum Husband”

This Thursday, May 16, at 1pm EST, I will be interviewed by Steve Walfish, PhD from The Practice Institute. We will be discussing “The Postpartum Husband”. Come join the interactive discussion, or just listen in! To register, go to www.thepracticeinstitute.com, click on the calendar date (May 16, Thursday) on the right side of the page. […]

Maternal Awareness Month: Postpartum Scary Thoughts

    Last night I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Eric Heegaard (OBGYN) on his radio show, The Gyno Show, along with Krista Post, from the Postpartum Counseling Center. During the show, we discussed the universal nature of scary thoughts during the postpartum period.  Come listen! Click here to listen to the show. […]

Guest Post: Unexpected gift from childbirth, that’s not a baby.

posted on Bubblews by Joleneinamerica This is my first post and I thought I should start out with something meaningful. I am stepping out of my comfort zone with this one, but my intention is to share and help someone else. I had a tough childhood, not to bore you with details, in brief – […]

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