Have You Recovered From PPD? Keep an eye on your marriage

  KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR MARRIAGE:   Warning signs that communication could be breaking down:  I struggle to think of things to say to my partner. I am rarely interested in what my partner has to say. Every time we talk, we fight. I try not to criticize but I feel so negative much […]

A Postpartum Woman in Crisis: Don’t Call it Therapy.

  Let’s take a look at what we are really doing when we treat a postpartum woman in therapy.  Most therapists who are interested in pursuing private practice work have been trained with a clinical emphasis during their academic preparation. We were exposed to the conceptual psychodynamic framework and time-honored therapeutic traditions that have proven to make […]

5 tips to help postpartum couples express themselves

  You’re both tired. You are both distracted. If you’re not careful, your marriage will quickly take second place to all of the pressing demands of the day. Keep an eye on each other and the relationship. It is one of your greatest resources. Here are some simple reminders to help you keep the priority […]

Postpartum Women in Therapy: Are you up to the task?

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a mother. When I was a young girl, my favorite pastime was playing house and of course I was the perfect mother. I held my sweet doll tightly to my chest and promised her a lifetime of whatever she wanted.  I leaned against the giant Oak […]

Guest Post: Unexpected gift from childbirth, that’s not a baby.

posted on Bubblews by Joleneinamerica This is my first post and I thought I should start out with something meaningful. I am stepping out of my comfort zone with this one, but my intention is to share and help someone else. I had a tough childhood, not to bore you with details, in brief – […]

PPD Support Group

A reminder to all PPSC-ers. Our ongoing postpartum support group meets monthly on the third Wednesday, 1pm – 2pm. We are available to help you through this difficult time, plus, making connections with others in similar situations is priceless. Call Dr Deena Newman for details. 610-525-7527  x5  

Postpartum Depression Training Program – Role Play

Rant Alert: How Doctors are Still Getting it Wrong …

I truly believe most doctors really do care about their patients. I sincerely hope this is, at least in part, the reason they made the decision to go into medical school. I also believe, or hope to believe, that most doctors are  continuing to educate themselves about prenatal and postpartum depression. Why is it, then, […]

Are We Paying Enough Attention To Postpartum Psychosis?

(This post is authored by a woman who survived postpartum psychosis and hoped her story could help others find the help they need to recover as quickly as possible.I sincerely thank her for her heartfelt and courageous contribution. ~kk) Let us start with the present. I am a happy, mentally healthy, physically healthy(ish), 31 year […]

The Postpartum Stress Center: Our Core Values

PPSC Core Values Provide excellent clinical service at all times. Study and execute current best practice recommendations. Return all phone calls before the sun sets. Schedule client as soon as possible. Educate healthcare providers with state-of-the-art information. Follow up with healthcare providers to ensure continuity of services. Act as liaison and client-advocate when there is […]

An Inspiring Weekend

We had a great training this weekend! Clinicians from Chicago, South Carolina, New York, and Florida gathered to share their expertise and passions. It’s always so inspiring to be a part of this work in progress and listen to the exchange of exciting plans and projects. Thank you again, Jane, Melinda, Jill, MaryBeth, Brittany, Suzanne […]

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