Training Testimonials

"Being able to see how Karen uses her own style and approach to provide therapy was the most helpful... I felt excited and validated that my own therapeutic style would be helpful to clients. I felt like I came away with a better understanding of PPD and a plethora of specific strategies."

- Regina Kitterman Keefe, APRN-PMH

"I feel ready to pursue what I think I can be successful at. I am so passionate about this area; the course not only confirmed I'm on the right path but it gave me confidence . Karen truly has something magic because I left feeling better about both my personal and professional self. I actually didn't want it to end. I've never said that about any training!"

- Lauren Safran

"It was wonderful to be a part of a small group of clinicians who have a passion for working with postpartum women. Being able to learn directly from Karen, who is truly the expert and is willing to share her wealth of knowledge was an amazing gift. This course provided me with practical knowledge and actionable, tactical ways in order to best serve women who suffer from postpartum distress."

- Anonymous

"The experience was one of confidence-building for me. Being fairly new to practice, the two days were extremely helpful in reinforcing my choice to focus my practice on this population."

- Judith Weisel, MSW, LSW

"I left the course having confidence in my "expert" self (thanks to Karen's confidence in us!) and feeling empowered to help women at risk for and experiencing Postpartum Depression. The course has sparked my interest in learning more."

- Training participant

"Karen is undeniably an expert in this field, the ease to which she is able to use her skills, her personality and her insight in her treatments is remarkable!"

- Portia Allie-Turco, M.S.

"This course has "revved up my engines!" I am very eager to begin my clinical work, marketing endeavors and education of symptom identification and screening tools for healthcare providers. The instructor was clearly an expert on this area of study. Her passion for the field of Postpartum Depression was as compelling as her compassion for the women she treats. Thanks for an inspirational day."

- Karen Brenner, LICSW

"I researched what few trainings ware available over the course of a few months and decided on this one based on the limited number of participants, the intimacy of the training and the expertise of the instructor. I also followed the PPSC on facebook and read the books in order to get a feel for the tone of the training and therapy."

- Anonymous

"Karen truly has something magical. I left feeling better about both my personal and professional self. I actually didn't want it to end. I've never said that about any training!"

- Training participant

"This course went beyond my expectations, by adding a spirit of learning that transcended traditional trainings due to it's personal nature.The practical, real life experiences of Karen and the rest of the group in treating women suffering from PPD was the best. Also, Saturday morning's course on practice-how-to's was AMAZINGLY helpful-thank you so much!"

- Jessica Foley

"I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to participate in this past weekend's training. I'm not sure if it was intimacy of the small group format, your presentation style, or the generosity with which you shared your knowledge, insights, and techniques, but as a clinician and a person I gained far more than I could have by just having read your books. I don't mean to sound trite, but as I processed the training on my trip home, there was a sense that I had experienced some type of "magic." Thanks for leaving me with that gift!"

- Anonymous

"Small group format is extremely useful for subjects that are this directly relevant to the work participants are doing. Many in this field, and certainly in this specific subject manner, thrive in the personal connection with others. Just as we emphasize the importance of this with our clients, I so greatly appreciate the opportunity to 'practice what we preach' among colleagues in a training setting."

- Valerie McManus, MSW

"I took this course to help me in my role as coordinator of our hospital's postpartum depression screening program, and to learn skills necessary to facillitate a successful support group. I think that it is such a positive step in the right direction that NJ passed a law that all moms must be screened and educated on PPD, and I want to make our hospital very successful in helping moms recognize PPD and seek treatment when necessary."

- Anonymous

"I really thought that Karen was a wonderful facilitator. She has a great sense of humor, which made the course particularly enjoyable, as well as a good sense of style (which is completely irrelevant, but I thought I’d mention it since she said she makes a point of letting clients know when they look adorable). She is extremely confident in her abilities but also willing to share her vulnerabilities and learn from her group participants!"

- Anonymous

"It is not often one has the opportunity to sit side by side an expert in the field and access their vast clinical practice and research. Yet, there I was elbow to elbow with Karen! Just awesome."

- Pamela Allon, M.A.

"It was a pleasure and priviledge of course to meet Karen. It was also extremely helpful to train on-site at a seasoned and established specialty psychotherapy private practice."

- Heidi Sommer McAlister, MSEd, LPC

""I grasped the concept of the "magic" and can't wait to start utilizing it with PPD clients. I also got a ton of usable information to help me navigate through the early days with a client. I feel prepared to begin this in my practice and that is invaluable.""

- Jill Hughes

"I have attended a handful of in-services on PPMD, and it's clear that the main difference between those and this training is that most people just regurgitate outdated info on PPMD in trainings, whereas Karen magically conjures the deep truth about this illness from somewhere in her bones. And from her experience. And from evidence based research. It doesn't get better than that."

- Melina Mejia Stock, MA

"It was a significant personal goal to come here and complete this training and so was incredibly rewarding. I'm a survivor, so it felt very cool to be doing this work and, for me, learning from "the source." When I was sick, I was a therapist, I saw three therapists, I talked to my doctor, my midwife, my doula. No one could help me. I found "This Isn't What I Expected" and that was my turnaround. Professionally, I love being affiliated with the woman who had that influence on me, and hope to have that influence on others. "

- Kate F.

"Understanding the issue from the expert threw a lot of light on the subject. Also exposed gaps in the system and where more education and awareness could possibly help millions of women. Karen, thank you for your invaluable wisdom and knowlegde that you shared with the participants."

- Rachel Mathew, MSW,LCSW

"The experience exceeded my expectations."

- Kathy Wilson, MSW

"I left the training feeling even more driven and passionate about helping treat and prevent PPD. Personally it was great to connect with other professionals that felt were equally as interested in this specialty."

- Kathleen M. Elleo, LCSW

"I can highly recommend this training to mid-to-advanced level clinicians. It is often difficult to find training that works once you've accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience, but this one hits the mark. It is also a great introduction to the issues of postpartum for clinicians who may be refocusing their target population. The small group is best for me. I can get content from larger groups but this was more about how the work FEELS to the therapist, and how the therapist relates to the client and to herself as therapist. Those are not bits that work in larger formats, and certainly would not translate well to online training. I am very much looking forward to the new book. Holding is really what we do: yesterday I tucked a fleece blanket around a curled up client, which gave her space to release tears and stay with her feelings for a tiny moment...only because the space for that was being held open in the room. Your training holds a space where I know that other clinicians are taking time to reflect on themselves, their clients, and their practices, and that we all have a common goal, across space and time. Don't stop doing what you are doing. Please. I love knowing that you are holding that space. "

- Leslie Ann Costello, Ph.D., L. Psych

"The training was excellent! It was like having 10 hours of great clinical supervision with an expert in my field! Karen is a wonderful mentor and a wealth of support and expertise! Thank you - this is exactly the training I was looking for to enhance my clinical strengths and confidence."

- Anonymous

"It has confirmed my wish to move forward in this specific area of assessment and treatment. I also believe the relationships that were formed over the 2 days will continue to be invaluable, as I continue to integrate my learning...It felt like having 10 hours of group supervision! "

- Kate Robinett, MS, LCPC

"The small group format supports a dialogue which is perfect for a more advanced training. It helped me think deeper... to delve under the surface of the information. It was just what I needed."

- Anonymous

"It more than met my expectations! The small group format, as well as the diversity of the backgrounds of the participants really enhanced the already well planned program. I truly believe that there were aspects of the program that met the needs of not only the novice clinician, but the seasoned therapist."

- Anonymous

"Karen, I was skeptical when you described all of the benefits of taking this small group training, and now I find that everything you said about it was absolutely true."

- Anonymous

"This course exceeded my expectations. I knew I would leave well informed, but I didn't know I would feel so inspired and committed to this work. I found the marketing primer to be extremely empowering and motivating. Karen is is more than an expert. She is a visionary in the field and a mentor to clinicians."

- Anonymous

"There is no doubt that the small group format is by far more valuable than one that is larger. Karen was able to address our specific questions and concerns while still remaining true to the essence of the training. I would come back yearly for this."

- Sharon Berg, Ph.D.

"Thank you, Karen... After your many years of being in the field of Perinatal Mood Disorders, I am in awe that you would take the time to teach others, especially in a small-group format! Your expertise and heart were so evident and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to sit and learn from you!"

- Therese

""In the context of treating postpartum women, wisdom is the balance between the knowledge we have and who we are." "

- Karen Kleiman

"I definitely feel more confidence in treating new mothers now. Personally, I feel that there is a real need to provide relief to women with PPD and all too often their needs fall on deaf ears. I would like to help them find their voice. I love the small group setting!"

- Melissa Hubsher Freedman, Ph.D

"It was very helpful to have the experience and expertise of not only Karen but other therapists.The small group setting works very well for this topic."

- Nancy B. Mahoney, LPCMH

"I left this training with a renewed sense of confidence in my skills and knowledge. Additionally, while reading Therapy and the Postpartum Women I was challenged to explore my own relationship with my mother (or lack thereof) and the impact it has on me. This opened the door for me to work through my loss of the "good enough mother" and bring about healing."

- Anonymous

"I felt as though I received 10 hours of clinical supervision. It was awesome to be able to share details about our own practices, learn from others, and ask specific questions. The format was perfect."

- Kathy James, LCSW

"I am just thankful for the experience, and will continue to process it for some time I'm sure! "

- Training Participant
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