How Can I Help a Loved One?

Family Support

If you are a family member supporting a woman with depressive symptoms, please do what you can to stay in the loop so you are advised of her treatment and progress. You may be the first line of defense against some of these symptoms as well as a constant frame of reference regarding her progess. If you continue to have concerns about her symptoms, please ask her how you could be most helpful during this recovery process. ...

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Understanding PPD

PPD can strike without warning -- in women with no history of depression or women who have had it before. It can happen to women who are highly successful in their careers or women who stay home with their children. It can strike women in stable marriages and conflictual marriages, as well as single women, and adoptive mothers. It can happen to women who love their baby more than anything in the world. It can happen after the first baby, or after the fourth. It can happen to women who swore it would never happen to them. ...

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The Postpartum Pact

The Postpartum Pact provides an excellent opportunity for the couple to sit down together and review their previous experience with postpartum depression and/or prepare for an upcoming postpartum period.

If you have experienced postpartum depression and are concerned about how…

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For Those Who Love Me

We suggest you print this card and lovingly share it with your partner or any significant person who may not understand what you are going through right now. It can serve as a black & white reminder that there is something very real going on here and that you need their support. ...

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