Family Support

Postpartum depression is an illness that affects the entire family.

If you are a family member supporting a woman with depressive symptoms, please do what you can to stay in the loop so you are advised of her treatment and progress. You may be the first line of defense against some of these symptoms as well as a constant frame of reference regarding her progess. If you continue to have concerns about her symptoms, please ask her how you could be most helpful during this recovery process.

Keep in mind that her symptoms may not always be an accurate reflection of how she is doing or how severe her illness is. She may, for example, appear to be better than she actually is, by masking her symptoms or by pretending that she is fine. On the other hand, she may feel panicky about some symptoms that are easy to treat with the appropriate intervention. Symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety are variable and unpredictiable. This distinction between which symptoms are indications of a significant depression and which are indiciations of a more mild illness, should be made by a healthcare practitioner who is skilled in treating women with mood disorders.

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